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  • chevron_rightWhy did I receive a violation letter from the management company?
    McNeil Management performs drive-through inspections every two weeks in our community. Any maintenance issues that need attention are noted and a letter may be sent to the homeowner informing them of the problem(s). It is up to each homeowner to quickly correct the problem or contact McNeil Management with an approximate date of when the problem will be corrected (for example, your lawn has large dead patches and you intend to re-sod within 60-days). Homeowners will receive a second letter from the management company approximately 30 days after the first letter if the problem is not corrected. Board members are advised of significant problems after 60 days for a final letter leading to subsequent attorney action when needed. All homeowners are encouraged to maintain their property in Random Oaks, which enhances the overall property value of individual homes and the community in general. 
  • chevron_rightWhen do I have to submit an Alteration Application form for my property?
    Any time you make an exterior alteration to your property, you must submit an Alteration Application form (previously known as an Architectural Change Request Form) through the management company's Homeowner Portal PRIOR TO making any changes. These requests are reviewed by our volunteer Architectural Committee and Board President for approval or denial. ALL changes must be requested prior to work being done since there may be issues or reasons the change(s) cannot be made. Examples would include restrictions by Hillsborough County codes, SWFMD restrictions, insurance restrictions, etc., that individual homeowners may not be aware of on their property. To submit an electronic Alteration Application, please register to log in to your account at https://mcneilmsi.com/
  • chevron_rightHow long does it take to get an architectural change approved?
    Your committee has thirty (30) days in which to provide determinations on Alteration Applications submitted and management is not permitted to inquire as to status until such time as an application may be past due. Your volunteer Architectural Committee (ACC) and Board President work as quickly as possible to review and approve all applications, but homeowners should submit applications 30 days ahead of any planned projects to give adequate time to review your application. Click here to review and submit an Alteration Application form.
  • chevron_rightWhat can I do about a problem at my neighbor's house?
    You may submit an Enforcement Request Form to McNeil Management for maintenance issues that are of serious concern to you.  Examples might include roaming pets, lawn maintenance issues, or items being stored improperly in view.  The management company will either review the complaint on their next inspection or ask board members to verify the problem before sending a letter to the homeowner.
    Although association documents set forth rules intended to foster peaceful, harmonious living, only those provisions that address the actual physical conditions of the properties are enforceable by the association.  Homeowners' associations are not chartered to nor are they empowered to act as law enforcement in civil or criminal matters. 
    Civil nuisance matters, criminal matters, parking of vehicles on county-owned roads, etc. must be addressed with the appropriate county agencies.  Only designated representatives of such agencies as Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Hillsborough County Code Enforcement, Hillsborough County Animal Control, etc. have the jurisdiction and authority to act in such matters.
    County agencies have made it clear that they do not want to receive such notifications from management.  They require first-hand information from the parties that are personally experiencing a nuisance.  You should contact the appropriate county agency so that it may assist you with your concern.
    Another conflict resolution option available to Hillsborough County residents is to file a mediation request with the Southshore Community Justice Center (a free mediation service offered by the 13th Judicial Circuit).  If you wish to learn more about the free services available to Hillsborough County residents, you may review the information on their website at: http://www.fljud13.org/CourtPrograms/MediationDiversionServices/CommunityMediation.aspx
    The form needed to request a mediation may be found at:
    While matters of this nature may be highly disturbing to you, they may not become a high priority to law enforcement officials until a record of continued violation has been established.  Please know that you may need to report nuisance violations several times before your deputy will be able to take action.
  • chevron_rightWhat do my HOA dues pay for?
    Management works for, and with, the association through its members and Board of Directors to effectively carry out the day-to-day operations. This is necessary to uphold the legal documents that govern the deeds to the properties, maintain the community's common property, utilities, landscaping, irrigation, walls, etc. and ensure that these required elements are attractive and functioning and the community remains in compliance with all insurance, zoning, county, and state requirements.
    The overarching goals of associations are: (1) to keep a community a nice place to call home while one lives there and (2) to allow homeowners to realize the best return on their investment when they sell their property.
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact our management company?
    Our property management company is McNeil Management, located in Brandon near the Brandon Post Office on Oakfield Dr. If you need information regarding your HOA dues payment, need to submit an Alteration Application form, or have any other questions, you may register and log in to their Homeowner Portal by clicking here.
    Or, you contact them at:
    Office: (813) 571-7100
    Fax: (813) 689-2747
    Email: management@mcneilmsi.com
    McNeil Management Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 6235
    Brandon, FL 33508-6004
  • chevron_rightWhat about gates for Random Oaks?
    The design of our entrances precludes the possibility of ever converting them to gated ones.  County requirements are such that gates require specific distance for cars to pull in while they wait for gates to open, and a turn-around area for those who cannot enter the community.  Due to the length and width of our entrances, past feasibility studies have resulted in the county informing the association that converting our community to a gated one simply is not feasible.