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Posted on Mar 22nd, 2021

The proposed rezoning along Watson Rd and Bloomingdale Ave will directly impact (1) traffic congestion including retail space drive-thru, (2) pedestrian safety, (3) water retention/run-off, (4) public resources (schools, water, etc.), and (5) wildlife.  County officials must consider residents’ concerns expressed to them in writing prior to the rezoning hearing.
Community volunteers will be going door-to-door in Random Oaks within the next two weeks to present residents (owners and tenants) with pre-printed opposition letters that you may sign and return to the volunteer so that they may be collated and submitted to the county as one powerful package.  All letters will mention all five (5) concerns listed above and several versions of the letter will be available - you may choose to sign one that highlights your main concern. Please think now which version you will want to sign when the volunteer visits your home. **EACH ADULT IN YOUR HOME MAY SIGN AND SUBMIT A LETTER**
NOW is the time to make your voice heard!  Also, the county hearing is set for May 17, 2021.  You may refer to our website for information about attending this meeting.